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Digital illustration for silkscreening!

Image of Digital illustration for silkscreening!

$250.00 - On Sale

Up to 10" x 10" vector artwork, ready for separation and screening by professional silkscreeners. You come up with the idea, we get it ready, and then you hand it off to your silkscreen printer. Easy!

You have an office team? Customize your jerseys with a fun cartoon creature as your logo! Your kids are doing a fund-drive? Make t-shirts that the whole family would enjoy wearing! Ball caps! Tote bags! Any textile that can lay flat is the perfect surface to hire me to illustrate for you to screen onto them.

I'll provide you pencil drawings based on your initial concept. When the pencil drawings are approved, I'll digitally complete the art. The number of colors is up to what you and your silkscreen printer arrange; just let me know, and I'll map the drawing to use however many colors you want! I provide a CMYK or RGB color file (your choice), as an EPS or PDF file, whichever works best for you.

Shipped digitally via or your FTP site. Orders will take approximately 3-6 weeks to fulfill. Unless you prohibit me, I reserve the right to scan and display my favorites on my blog